How to get to UC from the airport

If you choose to travel to Cincinnati by plane, you should know that there are several different options to get to downtown Cincinnati from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. As you may know our airport is located in Kentucky so you will probably need a ride to arrive in Cincinnati, unless you decide to drive or rent a car.

The cheapest option to get to Cincinnati is to get a bus. The bus stop is located just outside the airport, near the baggage claim area. It is only $2 to travel to downtown Cincinnati. The bus number is 2X and it runs every day (Monday-Sunday). This line is part of the TANK service (the Kentucky public transportation system). Here you can find the schedule:

The 2X bus leaves you in downtown Cincinnati (Main at 4th), just some steps away from our main bus station, where you could get other buses to get to your final destination.  This is the website of METRO, our public transport system:

Another option to travel to downtown Cincinnati is to get a shuttle. You can order it at the shuttle desk in the baggage claim area. You may or not share this shuttle with other people and it will take you to your final destination. A round trip to Cincinnati. costs around $30.

If you prefer to get a taxi, there is also a taxi desk at the baggage claim area. You just have to go there and order one. This is a more expensive option, since it usually costs about $40-50 to get to Cincinnati depending on the traffic and your final destination.